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A brown and black dachshund looks into the camera.

Nothing can stop Daisy, a determined dachshund, from getting what she wants

A dachshund named Daisy never shies from a challenge, even when it sometimes leads to accidents. Now, she’s onto her next playful mission after Fetch pet insurance covered her emergency surgery.

A silver pit mix sits on top of a mountain with trees in the background.

A pit mix named Sydney proves that life is full of adventure

Rescue pup Sydney’s adventurous spirit sometimes brought emergency vet visits. But, with pet insurance he was able to get the best care and get back to exploring.

An English Springer Spaniel licks his pet parent's face in the car.

Bullet the English Springer Spaniel won’t let surgery stop his playtime

Knee surgery and a hip replacement didn’t stand in the way of this older dog. With the help of pet insurance, Bullet got the care he needed and is back to playing.

A greyish-black schnoodle walks on the beach.

George the schnoodle battles it all and comes out on top

At 12-years-old and after heart surgery, a dog named George proves that age is just a number. After several emergency heart surgeries and beating cancer, he is back to his youthful self.

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