Everything you need to know about pet insurance

Pet Insurance 101

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Dog walking services and pet insurance

Do you use dog walking services? If so, you should consider pet insurance. Fetch talked to one of the many pet lovers on staff who used to walk dogs. She shared her experience and how pet insurance could’ve helped.

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How to use Fetch pet insurance

Fetch pet insurance is the best way to ensure your cat or dog lives their best life without the worry of expensive vet bills. Get paid back within 15-days and save up to 90% of unexpected vet bills (that means extra money for treats).

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The advantages of Fetch

At Fetch, we believe pets are family and they deserve the best care. That’s why we cover up to 90% of unplanned moments. Read on to see all the ways your cats or dogs will be covered by Fetch.

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Is pet insurance worth the cost?

When your pet has an emergency, unexpected vet bills can be costly. At Fetch, we believe pets are family and deserve the ultimate protection and care. That’s why we cover up to 90% of vet bills.

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What is Fetch?

Pets add adventure to our lives, but sometimes accidents happen. When your pet needs unexpected medical care, the last thing you need to think about is the bill. We cover the vet bills, so you can focus on their health.

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What is a waiting period?

Wondering how long the Fetch waiting periods are? Well, you’re in luck. We’re breaking it down so we can start covering your pet soon.

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Pet insurance cost factors

With Fetch, figuring out how much you pay each month is easy. We let our members customize their payment plan for their pet’s lifestyle and health.

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What is a pre-existing condition?

While a pre-existing condition is a medical condition which began before the start date of your pet’s insurance policy and is not covered, Fetch does things differently. Learn how a pre-existing condition may be eligible for coverage.

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What is included in our comprehensive coverage?

Figuring out what’s included when we describe our most comprehensive coverage shouldn’t be complicated. Learn more about all of the ways we will cover your dog or cat with Fetch pet insurance.

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How to use the app to file a claim

Did you know that you can file a claim on our app for your pet’s recent vet visit? Follow these six simple steps so you can get back to playing with your pet.

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Differences between insurance and preventive care

Understanding pet insurance and preventive care plans can be confusing — but not with Fetch. We're breaking down the key differences.

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What does pet dental insurance cover?

When it comes to our pets, their mouths are like a human’s hand. Fetch offers comprehensive dental care so your pet’s teeth will always be taken care of.

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