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A yorkie and a corgi run on a boardwalk.


Tips for taking perfect pet pictures

Because every pet is a supermodel

Our pets are naturally photogenic. They could be sitting, standing, sleeping, walking, eating or doing pretty much anything (you get the idea) and as pet parents, we want to document all of those moments. But sometimes our pets won’t sit still or think we’re playing, which can lead to some blurry photos. We’re sharing some tips and tricks to capture those special moments. 

Distract them with a treat

What’s sometimes the best way to get your pet’s attention? A treat! Holding up their favorite snack grabs their attention and also rewards them for their great behavior. 

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A black lab dog with his arm around a cat.

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Praise them

If they’re giving you their best angles (meaning ALL of their angles), let them know it. Giving some extra compliments will enforce their good picture taking behavior. 

Know when to give them a break

Sometimes your pet is just not in the mood and that’s OK. If you really want to save a special moment, taking a video is sometimes less invasive and they may actually do something even more exciting than what you originally wanted to capture. 

These quick tips will help you show just how much of a supermodel your pet really is.

Team Fetch

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

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